Technology Issues

It will take me a bit longer than anticipated to post the pictures from our road trip from Buenos Aires to Ituzaingo. My camera is on the fritz (and will probably need to be replaced the next time I’m in the US), and for whatever reason I can’t download the photos I took with my iPod to my actual laptop.

We’re also battling with some home improvement issues.  Both our washer and our upstairs bidet are leaking water like crazy. We’ve had our handyman out twice for just these issues so far (nevermind the three weeks worth of work he already did on the broken washing machine). Every time he shows up, he looks at me and says, “No es un poco de agua–es un flujo!–That’s not a little bit of water, that’s a flood!”  Thankfully, our entire floor is tile, so there isn’t a sopping carpet to deal with–we just spend our time hopping over large puddles of water.  It seems like everything in the house is just a few steps below what we would anticipate. The deck is springy upstairs–I hang laundry on it, but T won’t step foot on it. All of the appliances are either just a hair too small, or have functionality issues.  The good part, though, is the furniture. Although the couch and armchairs are wood with cushions, everything is incredibly solid. We’re definitely considering buying a few pieces down here to ship back to the States.

It is still pretty hot down here–staying in the 90’s for most of the week. However–most of the locals are wearing long pants and long sleeves. It must make it really easy for them to play “spot the Americans” when we’re still in shorts and tshirts.

Today is a major general strike in Argentina. It doesn’t affect us much at all–but almost all transportation workers are on strike. None of the airlines are flying, truckers aren’t driving, the port is closed. I’m glad we’re not travelling today!  The State Department was actually really good about sending us an email notification about it earlier this week through the STEP program. (A program I highly recommend to anyone travelling internationally, and especially places with histories of civil unrest. They’ll send you periodic updates about major events and strikes you should be aware of, as well as some expat social events.)

Hopefully we’ll be able to sort out the technology and home woes and I’ll be able to post more pictures soon!