Weekly Reading–Vol. 2

I read a lot of blogs, and always love the weekly reading posts–pulling some of the best articles, photos, and videos out of the chaff of the internet. Here’s what I read and found interesting this week:

1) A Videogame Controller Designed to Drive Construction Equipment  I know a man who would love to have this.  Also–this is super from a safety standpoint. (Oh, hi there, alliteration.)

2) Behind the Scenes Photos Reveal the Secrets of Mad Men Sets  Unfortunately, there is no AMC or Mad Men on DirecTV down here in Argentina (and I am dying for our internet to get set up so I can at least watch last season!). I LOVE reading Tom and Lorenzo’s Mad Style posts which analyze the costuming choices on the show. I’m just there for the beautiful vintage duds. So–seeing the detail that goes into the sets is awesome as well.

3) The Most Positive Countries in the World  Spoiler Alert:  The happiest country in the world is… Paraguay?  Who would have thought?! However, if the definition of experiencing positive emotions (their form of saying “happy”) is “smiling or laughing, experiencing enjoyment, being treated with respect, feeling well-rested, and learning or doing something interesting in the previous day,” I kind of get it. It’s all about expectations and perceptions–and when you live in a country where happiness is a soccer ball and a bottle of Coca Cola–it’s easy to feel relaxed and happy. It’s one of the best parts of South America.

4) 11 Hidden Messages in Company Logos  What is once seen can never be unseen.

5) Levar Burton is Kickstarting the Return of Reading Rainbow  YES. YES. YES. I loved this show. (Please see previous post on El Ateneo for reference.) I remember hearing about the tablet app… but never downloaded it because it seemed a little ehhh. This, however, seems awesome. They are already halfway to their goal, so I fully anticipate this one being funded.

6) 10 Spanish Words That Have No Translation 

Happy weekend, everyone! We’re working a full seven day schedule, so no rest for us for a little bit.