Weekly Reading, Vol. 9

It’s finally Friday! We’re high-tailing it out of work early today, and taking Saturday and Sunday off to celebrate T’s birthday! I think this counts as our second full weekend off (excluding our trip back to the States in July) since we started here. Maybe our third. Regardless–it’s well-deserved.

He doesn’t read the blog, so it won’t ruin the surprise when I say that we’re going to have a party/asado with the coworkers, drink some beers, and have some ice cream cake. We may even be able to talk him into going to the club!

1) To Work Better, Work Less feels entirely appropriate given the above statement–but it’s a sentiment I highly support. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m tired of pulling endless hours just to keep up appearances. Do your job, do it well, and do it in 40 hours. Give yourself the gift of a personal life.

2) A Salmon Cannon helps get fish over the biggest dams in the Pacific Northwest. I think it sounds like a zany Monty Python weapon. Somewhere, there are bears planning a field trip to these dams for the flung food.

3) This is an excellent article from NPR about parenting styles around the world. I can definitely attest to the late bedtimes children have here! It’s not abnormal at all to have a toddler at a midnight party. I’m not sure I’m fully up to leaving a child outside of a store while I shop (Denmark), but I have definitely admired the independence children exhibit down here.

4) In light of the absolutely tragic events this week, here’s a 2013 Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Robin Williams that is pure gold from start to finish. The world lost one of its best.

5) The Smithsonian Libraries’ Tumblr is posting all sorts of wonderful GIFs of historical etchings, drawings, etc.

6)  I love this infographic about the five levels of business attire from Business Insider. I hate when companies just say “business casual” because there are just so many geographical and generational variations–particularly for ladies!

7) Owls are weighed while wrapped up in little blankets like bird burritos. This made my day.


Happy weekend, everyone!

Weekly Reading, Vol. 6

Long time, no posting on this topic! Here’s what I’ve been reading over the past few weeks.

1) Fast Company wrote a great article about women saying “sorry” too often and its consequences.

2) Zach Weinersmith (the mind behind one of my favorite comics, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal) and wonderful artist Boulet did a great Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit.

3) Why Google is so Interested in Kenya’s Transit System.  Interesting–and even more so since my sister just came back from visiting Kenya with her boyfriend.

4) I have been loving College Humor’s video series on “What If Google Was a Guy”–hilariously on point. Here’s Part 3.

5) There is such a thing as an agricultural Roomba, and it is awesome.

That’s all I’ve got for now! Happy Monday, everyone.