Buenos Aires–Bookstore Heaven in El Ateneo

I realized I forgot one more set of pretty pictures from Buenos Aires!

I love bookstores–always have, always will. Even despite my strong love of my Kindle (pretty much the best way to get books in your own language no¬† matter what country you’re in), I love wandering a good bookstore, reading the titles, and seeing what’s popular with the staff and what the best sellers are.

El Ateneo is a book lover’s paradise. Situated in the old Teatro Gran Splendid, the four floor of the bookstore are overflowing with books, movies, and music. The stage itself was turned into a fancy little cafe.

Although I was hoping for a foreign language section (and thus, hopefully, some English books!) or at least a Spanish to Guarani dictionary, no dice to both of them. Oh well, we got to enjoy the beautiful architecture and peruse the pretty books!

DSC_6985 DSC_6987 DSC_6989