Saturday Sweets–Havannets

On our trip to Buenos Aires, we picked up some sweets for the office. We kept on seeing Havanna kiosks all around, and decided these Havannets looked delicious–and they are:


These treats start with I believe is an almond-based cookie at the bottom, a huge dollop of creamy dulce de leche, and covered in a chocolate shell.



In other BIG news–I get to make a short trip stateside at the end of the month! It’s for work, so not much time to go visiting, but it will be nice to see the house, the family, and the pets. Our packing towards the end was such a whirlwind that we left lots of stuff hanging around and disorganized. It will be nice to put it all back in its place so we can come home to an organized house over the holidays!  Plus, my car’s battery apparently died in the snow, so I’ll be spending some quality time with the AAA man once I’m stateside.

The blog will finally be true to its name after this trip–Tesla will be making the trip down!  He has a vet appointment to fill out all of the necessary paperwork, and then bunny will be ready to go.