Weekly Reading

I read a lot of blogs, was emotionally decimated when Google Reader pulled the plug, and now live off of my account on The Old Reader.

Some of my favorite posts on my favorite blogs are the weekly reading roundups. The internet is huge, and it’s filled with amazing articles, videos, and photos.

Here’s my favorites I’ve found this week:

1) The Stark Difference Between Rich and Poor, Side by Side  This is so true in so much of South America. Beautiful, expensive mansions are separated from favelas in some cases just by a cinderblock wall–a startling contrast between the haves and have nots.

2) What the US can Learn from Brazil’s Health Care Mess  Brazil has been featured strongly in the press in the run-up to the World Cup next month, but this has been one of my favorites. Similarly to Brazil, in Argentina there is a vast difference in health care received based upon your socioeconomic status.

3) You Can Text 911 in an Emergency Starting Today  PSA: If you’re in trouble, and you need to call 911, but you either don’t have the signal, or the cell towers are jammed, this could be an option.

4) Animals Sitting on Capybaras My love for the large rodents that live around Ituzaingo is famous at this point. So, of course I love a blog that features various animals perched on top of capys.