Go, You Chicken Fat, Go

I have been on a fitness kick lately–and it’s been great. I was never a terribly athletic child and teen–although I did get a varsity letter at graduation for being in marching band for four years! (No, I don’t get it either.)

I saw a bunch of articles pop up about Apple’s new ad about the fitness possibilities of their products. Cool unto itself–I’ve been looking into a wearable device, but haven’t found the perfect one yet. BUT… they include a song in the ad called “Go, You Chicken Fat, Go.”

Apparently commissioned expressly by JFK for the Presidential Fitness Challenge in the 1960s, the song was sent to every school in the nation. And I am sure that by 1994, most of them had long stopped using it. I have long joked about how “old-fashioned” my education was. We used a slide projector in 1995. And I spent my elementary years running around the gym and doing burpees (who knew those would be en vogue again!) to none other than “Go, You Chicken Fat, Go.” In the years since, I would occasionally wonder what sadistic gym teacher would buy a record that yells at chubby kids to get in shape–and where such a thing could even be bought.

Apple’s finally caused the story to be unearthed. Read source article here, and you can listen to the song here.