In January 2014, we moved from Pennsylvania to Ituzaingo, Corrientes, Argentina for a three year tour. (“Gilligan’s Island” reference is entirely intentional.)

We eat, we drink, we travel, we read, and we work (a lot).

And, when we remember, I blog and T takes the photos.

I’ll be blogging about life as an expat in rural Argentina, our travel around South America, food, and fun.


About that whole “rabbit” thing:

Our beloved pet rabbit, Tesla, was supposed to join us on our Argentinian adventure. However, due to Argentina’s rather abrupt change in import/export policies, Tesla the rabbit will be spending the next few years with my parents. We’re more than a little heartbroken to not have our pet join us, but we know he’ll be well cared for. Lesson learned: when moving a pet internationally, always know the rules and regulations of the import country, export country, and airlines–and hope for the best.

In November 2015, a coworker came into work saying that someone had dumped a box of puppies in his garage. T and I picked up a small, soggy box out of the pouring rain with three tiny puppies in it. We worked hard to nurse them back to health, but one unfortunately didn’t make it. We now have two adorable dogs–Aziz and Finnegan. They’re named after two of our favorite comics–Aziz Ansari and Christian Finnegan. We think they are some variety of terrier mixes. One thing we’ve already found out? It’s MUCH easier to get dogs out of Argentina than it ever was to get a rabbit into the country.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh sad to hear about Tesla. It must feel horrible..but at least you know she’s in good hands. Looks lie Argentina is treating you very well! Just like you have asados there, we have ‘braais’ in South Africa! The love for meat and coal has spread far and wide.

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