Food in Argentina: Milanesas de Pollo

I’m back! I know, it’s been months since I last posted. Sorry about that.

What have I been doing in the meantime? I applied to business school, got in (hooray!), attended a bachelorette party in the States (in the fancy-schmancy Hamptons), attended two weddings in the US, finished up a brutal statistics class, and went to an even more exhausting week of business school orientation/classes. Phew!

I’m going to try to schedule out posts more regularly from now on. T and I are on the downward hill now for our Argentinian adventure–a year and a half done, a year and a half to go! It’s very odd to start thinking about packing up our stuff already and considering how we’ll start getting ready to go back to the US.

I’d like to start sharing some of the recipes that we’ve discovered here in Argentina. I’ve invested in some Argentinian cookbooks (with another post on those later), and our friends down here are very excited for us to try all sorts of recipes. You’ve heard lots about the famous asados in Argentina, but today let’s start with some quintessential lunch food down here–the milanesa de pollo.

Essentially a piece of chicken (or, in other cases, beef) that is pounded flat and covered in bread crumbs and spices, the milanesa, either on its own or in sandwich form, is something you’ll see on every Argentinian menu. They’re cheap, filling, and easy to customize. You can have a milanesa napolitana with tomatoes and cheese on top, you can have one with fried eggs–you can pretty much add whatever you’d like to your milanesa to make it yours.

It’s easy to cook milanesas at home as well. We tend to buy ours pre-beaten and pre-breaded from our local supermercado, but just buy a few chicken breasts and a mallet to pound yours to the correct, thin consistency. Then cover in egg and dip into the breadcrumb/spice mixture.

You’ll start with something that looks like this:

(Apologies for the cruddy quality of the photos: I’m using my iPhone 6 for all of these at the moment. T’s photos are lovely, but they are HUGE and eat up all of our bandwidth.)


Then, get a pan full of oil (we use sunflower) nice and hot. You should see the heat lines in the oil–wait until those dissipate, and then you know the temperature is correct.


After that, carefully place the milanesas one at a time into the hot oil .


They’ll cook up extremely quickly–in under two minutes! Remove with tongs.

IMG_0880 IMG_0883

The final result will be a beautiful golden brown milanesa de pollo. Add your fixin’s from there! We’re incredibly American, so so we love barbecue sauce.


Looking for a “real” recipe? Try this one by Argentinian spice giant Knorr (just put on your google autotranslate!).

Buen provecho!