Distinctly Argentinian Challenges (as told in gifs)

It’s Memorial Day weekend in the USA! (Which I completely didn’t realize until about an hour ago.) I love gifs–they so succinctly signal an emotion or thought. So how better to start off the weekend then talk about some Argentinian peculiarities (at least to this estadounidense) through the lovely use of gifs? Without further ado…

1. Lines everywhere.  It is a very Argentinian thing to stand in line. You stand in line to pay your bills at RapiPago every month. You stand in a 45 minute long line for the ATM. You stand in line at the gate at the airport 20 minutes before your flight is supposed to be boarding. Clearly, Argentinians enjoy standing in line much more than I do.

waiting2. Diets are not “eat healthier.” Diets (at least for the ladies I’ve met) are not solved by eating healthier and/or exercising. It is far more common to hear that they drink more mate (to suppress their appetite), take up smoking (yuck), do those weird electrodes on your beer gut things in a local “health spa,” or just stop eating. It’s odd.


tumblr_mn7tmrdaIP1qfgdsoo1_5003. Work to live, not live to work. I’m kind of all about this philosophy. In Argentina, family comes first, and work most definitely comes second. This means that they’ll work the hours required, and even overtime (paid), but then get the heck out of Dodge and not think about work until Monday. Admirable.

u4dnverv3gke1a63shxy4. SO. MUCH. CANDY. Argentinians are serious about sugar. It’s not a party without Coca Cola (just the regular kind, please), and it seems like every occasion calls for chocolates, cookies, or pastries of some variety.

kimmy schmidt candy for dinner5. They party hard. I’m a big fan of sleep. I am in bed by 1am at the latest, and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve pulled an all-nighter, whether for studying or for fun. But the Argentinians start early, and just keep on going. It’s not abnormal to start eating dinner at an asado at 8pm, and by 2am you’re at the club… and you’re expected to be there until 8am or 9am. (Caveat: they do not binge drink the way Americans tend to. But they also, inexplicably, don’t seem to hydrate enough in general. I’m downing liters of water and people look at me like I’m crazy.)

dalek party hard hnzwa07qmi6x5r2lmxep r57beg6zjidepvfj0d2nHappy Memorial Day, everyone! Cook some burgers, go to the beach, enjoy that summer weather! I’ll hold down the fort here in the southern hemisphere.

One thought on “Distinctly Argentinian Challenges (as told in gifs)

  1. Haha! This is so similar to Brazil! For a country who placed so much emphasis on being fit and looking good, they eat like crap! Sugar is in everything! Even baby food! I love going to dinner at 7pm because every restaurant is empty! They go out way late!

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