When the Circus Comes to Town

In case you hadn’t already figured it out, it’s summer here in Ituzaingo. This means the afternoons are long, hot and lazy–the perfect time for a siesta! (However, since we work American schedules, that’s not much of an option for us…) What it also means is our little town comes alive with tourists.


The town plaza that previously only held a few scraggly boys chasing a dog now holds hundreds of families, dozens of vendors, and even a circus or two.  These are not the three ring, Barnum and Bailey extravaganzas–it’s more a few friends with some otherwise out of place talents coming together each night and putting on a pretty professional show. We recently found out that the town doesn’t even pay the circuses to come to town–they just load up their van and set up their stage every night (with the mayor’s permission, of course) in the hopes that the tourists will drop enough pesos into their hats to keep going for another season.

_DSC0359 _DSC0643 _DSC0664

There are all sorts of vendors around town as well, congregating in little groups of dreadlocked hippies and bohemians with a diverse array of wares to sell. From hand-carved wooden toys to choripan to ash trays made from flattened wine bottles–there’s something there for everyone.

_DSC0357 _DSC0356 _DSC0319

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