Iguazu Falls, Argentina–Sendero Macuco Trail

We decided to stay on the Argentinian side of the falls at the Sheraton. The advantage to the Sheraton is that it’s the only hotel inside the park, with rooms that overlook the falls (although they’re pretty expensive!). We opted for the less expensive jungle view room, which overlooked the forest. (In reality, it overlooked the driveway and parking structure, with the jungle in the near distance.)  Overall, we highly recommend it–the rooms were all well-appointed, the restaurant was good, the breakfast buffet was the best we’ve had at a Sheraton in this country, and the staff was wonderful. Also, add to that a really great pool area that overlooks the falls. While we were lounging by the pool and enjoying an (expertly made) pina colada, a few cuis, or guinea pigs, were running around!


On our first full day at the falls, we decided to take the 3.75km long Sendero Macuco Trail all the way down to the Arrechea waterfall. In all the tour guides, it mentioned that this trail had some of the best wildlife watching and hiking–and that you could swim in the waterfall at the end of the trail! Sold.


We were the first ones on the trail in the morning. It was still cool and quiet, and we were surprised we didn’t see too many animals on the trail–just a few beautifully colored butterflies.  We could hear lots of birds in the trees, but didn’t have much luck spotting them. We did the overlook of the waterfall first.

_DSC0070 _DSC0072 _DSC0080

Then, we hoofed it down some very steep steps to the waterfall. We kicked off our sneakers and walked into the water. A bit cold at first, but it was totally worth it to be swimming in a pool directly underneath a waterfall! The mist got to be too much to get completely under the waterfall, but we got some great shots.

_DSC0085 _DSC0087 _DSC0090 _DSC0099_DSC0100 _DSC0106 _DSC0103

On our hike back, we saw lots more animals–and lots more hikers! We encountered a whole troop of howler monkeys in the trees, and spent a good amount of time watching them swing around and find their breakfast. Very cool!


_DSC0131 _DSC0127

Our advice for conquering the Sendero Macuco Trail? Start early–it opens at 8:30am, and we were there right on time. Be quiet when you walk–you’ll probably see more animals that way! Bring bug spray–it’s pretty buggy out there, and over the weekend we got our fair share of mosquito bites despite generously applying Off! Also, it wouldn’t hurt to bring a pair of water shoes for the waterfall swimming. We did it barefoot, but some of the rocks were a little sharp, and we definitely would have felt better in some water shoes. While we’re on the subject–bring water!! It’s a long hike, there are a lot of stairs, and it’s HOT. Stay hydrated.

This was definitely one of the best portions of our little vacation–we can say we’ve swam underneath a South American waterfall now!


5 thoughts on “Iguazu Falls, Argentina–Sendero Macuco Trail

  1. The trail you took seems to be pretty nice, I love the nature at the Iguazu falls. The Shearaton also seems to be a good choice. Thanks for the nice blog and enjoy your time in Argentina 🙂

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your account, and am keen to do this trail in Nov 2015. One quick question – Is it possible to do this trail and thereafter complete the sightseeing of the Argentine side of the falls in one day?

    • Hi–Glad you enjoyed the post! I would say that doing all of the trails on the Argentine side in one day would be a LONG day–but is doable, particularly if you’re physically fit to start with. The Argentine side involves a significant amount of hiking and stair climbing, and can be exhausting if you’re not used to that level of activity–particularly in the balmy summer months (November, December, and January). If you do end up doing all of the Argentine hiking in one day–remember to drink a LOT of water. It’s easy to get incredibly dehydrated.

      We broke our trip up into two days on the Argentine side and a day on the Brazilian side–and that left plenty of time for other sightseeing and an afternoon nap.

  3. Thanks Sara….I shall follow your tips, and try to do the Argentine side in a day, because we have only one and a half days for Iguazu.I am a very passionate birdwatcher, and wish to check out the birdlife in the undisturbed parts of Iguazzu. Some operators are offering a 4X4 drive followed by a 800 metre forest walk to the Arrechea waterfall (total time required is 2 hours). Do you think that will save us good amount of time and energy for doing the multiple activities around the Argentine side ? . Cheerio

    • Salil,

      The bird life in Argentina and Brazil is absolutely amazing! We only did the boat tour and didn’t choose to do any of the ATV/4×4/bus tours. I had heard elsewhere online that the vehicles used in the tours can have the effect of scaring away lots of birds and animals, but I would take that with a grain of salt, and it would definitely give you a good experience and probably save you some steps. In my experience, the best wildlife and bird viewing we had the entire time was on Sendero Macuco because we were the first ones there– no one else to disturb the wildlife!

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