What We Found on Our Floor This Morning

We woke up this morning, went downstairs, and found this on the floor._DSC0355


My reaction was somewhere along these lines:

could someone who's not me deal with that tumblr_inline_nbcpde5ipF1ro2d43 nope

It was already dead, but I had T vigorously shake out my shoes, and then, since this is his way, he described in detail how to tourniquet and deal with a scorpion/spider bite.

Now, our only question left is what’s in our house that killed the scorpion.


7 thoughts on “What We Found on Our Floor This Morning

    • I brought the photos into the office this morning, and the general consensus was “well, at least there weren’t multiple!” They also regaled us with stories of how apparently the dragonfly urine down here is poisonous to humans. Thanks, coworkers–and I thought the dragonflies were so pretty!

      • I know, right? I know there are lots of beautiful yet dangerous animals in South America… but did it have to be the ones that are innocuous in the States that are poisonous down here? haha

      • Exactly.! It seems to have been done deliberately.!! I wonder if it works the other way around. Lovely, docile animals in South America, but up North they’re dangerous to the max.! lol…

      • HA! That would be good. I’m mentally compiling a list of the North American animals that the Argentinians/Paraguayans either swear to me must be fake or just don’t quite “get”:

        -Squirrels (“like rats? But fluffier?”)
        -Groundhogs (and don’t get me started about how we have an entire holiday devoted to the animal seeing its shadow and predicting weather)
        -that we can keep capybaras as pets (“why would you do that? we eat them.”)

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