Fiesta Nacional de la Yerra y la Doma

Two weekends ago, we had lots to celebrate! We hit a major milestone at work, which means that things slow down for the next few weeks. More importantly, that means that we get to have five day weeks for at least a few weeks!

In addition, the 14th was what we refer to as our “other anniversary.”  We were legally married on November 1, 2012, but had the “white dress, tux, and cake” wedding in September 2013. We like the opportunity to celebrate twice. 🙂

Since we had some time this weekend, we got to enjoy a local festival.  The Fiesta Nacional de la Yerra y Doma Correntina is part livestock show, part county fair, and part equestrian event. The weekend started with a parade that we managed to miss since we were so happy to sleep in and completely forgot about what time it started. (Note to self: 11 is not the same as 1.)


It’s a major gathering of all of the gauchos, or cowboys, in the area to ostensibly celebrate branding their cattle. We didn’t see a single cow branded, but did see a lot of cows! The main event seemed to be a variation on barrel racing–the two riders would serpentine around the barrels and race back. I’m sure that there’s a proper name for this in the US–if anyone knows it, feel free to comment! There were all sorts of levels and divisions, and the banter from the announcers was hilarious. For the women’s division, every time they mentioned the next competitor’s name, one of the announcers would inevitably say, “Hey! I had a girlfriend by that name once!”

_DSC0028 _DSC0030 _DSC0039

Local ranchers brought some of their prize livestock to the arena, and we enjoyed looking at (and, I’ll admit it, petting) all of the pretty farm animals. There were cows and horses, of course, but also ducks, chickens, sheep, goats, and bunnies! A very nice gaucho noticed me admiring his very pretty horses, and let me pet his four month old colt. I was really fascinated by all of the people in their traditional gaucho garb–it looks impressive to see everyone all dressed up in their national costume, and the pieces themselves are incredibly beautiful and durable at the same time!


Local firefighters

Local firefighters

We got some new housewares while we were there. There is a furniture maker we see in town occasionally who sells very ornate wooden chandeliers, and I’ve always admired their work. We didn’t end up with one of those–but instead got a nifty wine rack with wine glass holders, a huge new basket for our towels, a decorative mirror with some really interesting wicker work so we can start making the place feel more like our own, and some wooden plates in a holder–for our own asados!

We finished our weekend up with a meal at the Manantiales Hotel, where we lived for our first two months in country. We haven’t eaten out in ages–so the staff was all very happy to see us, and everyone asked us how we were doing.


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