Weekly Reading, Vol. 11

1) Here’s a fun gallery of cats who served in WWI.  In contrast, our resident stray, Fred, seems to just steal the chicken bones from our trash and sunbathe. 🙂

2) Here’s a great article that focuses on motherhood in Chile, but really just goes into the whole culture. There are lots of similarities to Argentinian culture!

3) Your (and my!) bucket list just got longer. Here’s 52 awesome places to visit in the world.

4) In my fashion blog perusing, I happened upon The Lingerie Addict’s series on the history of Vanity Fair. No, not the magazine–the apparel company! The post piqued my interest because our wedding was maybe five miles away from the original factory. A fun Berks County, PA history experience! I’m excited to see where the series continues.

5) Because I cannot emphasize it enough–it’s back to school time, and that means a whole new discussion on herd immunity and anti-vaxxers. iO9 delves into why anti-vaxxers are misinterpreting that whole “herd immunity” thing, and how it’s an incredibly harmful mindset. Again–it’s been proven time and again that vaccines do not cause autism. Do not listen to Jenny McCarthy.

6) Finally, iO9 has a great article about hidden paintings. In other words, famous artists re-used canvases (which could be incredibly expensive!), and new technology is allowing us to see what they painted over. It’s really mesmerizing.


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