Weekly Reading, Vol. 10

1) Texas Monthly has a haunting, powerful story of the woman who witnessed hundred of lethal injections in the Texas prison system.

2) Delaware just passed a new law about digital inheritance–or what happens to your digital life and property when you’re gone. It’s excellent, and it’s time for states to start thinking about this very real issue.

3) Ever wonder where the five day work week came from? So did the Atlantic. I had to laugh at the predictions that by now we’d have a 15-hour workweek!

4) The Atlantic continues on a stream of great career-themed articles by talking about something I’ve known forever: no one is actually listening on a conference call.

5) Bolivia now boasts the world’s longest urban cable car system. What a cool way to commute to work! Linking the very disparate La Paz and El Alto, the system is as much an experiment in urban planning and social change as it is a fun, easy way to solve a mass transit issue.

It’s the weekend! Sit back, relax, and enjoy what’s left of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, or one of the last few weeks before it get insanely hot in the Southern Hemisphere.

duck parade

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