Sunday Walk

Yes, I am well aware it is Thursday. But T and I have been super-busy this week, and I’m just now uploading our photos from our Sunday walk around the neighborhood. It was a beautiful day–and we’re trying to get all the vitamin D we can, since our office is at least 12 meters below the nearest sunshine!

We live in the villa permanente, which is a neighborhood essentially created by Entidad Binacional Yacyreta as a place for all of its workers to live. The houses roughly correspond to your place in the hierarchy–there are some low white houses that look like small barns and can be kindly described as man camps.

Then there’s our neighborhood of yellow houses. We love our quiet, friendly neighborhood. Pretty cobblestone streets, lots of people walking and biking, and plenty of little groups outside on a beautiful day enjoying the sunshine and a cup of mate. For being identical houses, each of the houses clearly expresses the personality of the owner.

_DSC3347 _DSC3351 _DSC3337 _DSC3342 _DSC3344 _DSC3353

Then there’s the brown houses

_DSC3364 _DSC3362

And finally, for the really important people, the white mansions:


It would not be a walk if there wasn’t a moment of “Sara pets a strange but friendly neighborhood dog.”






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