The beginnings of the garden…

T and I have been wowed by the abundance of beautiful, cheap as dirt produce here in Argentina. It seems like every week we go to the grocery store, there’s something new and exciting and beautiful to bring home. This week’s experiment was blueberry juice. The verdict? Odd, cloyingly sweet, and too syrupy. Oh well, it was a nice try, and it looked so pretty in the bottle!

One of the things we’ve had a hard time finding, however, is the fresh herbs we use in our cooking all the time in the States. They don’t seem to sell bunches of basil or thyme or rosemary. We’ve only seen parsley! So, we’ve decided to try our hand at gardening. The climate down here is so temperate (there is NEVER snow!) that we’re hoping that we can have some success. Here are our results so far!

The basil (both traditional green and some fun purple basil) is growing so well! In Spanish, this is albahaca.




Our tomatoes (tomates) are doing well, and so are the spinach (espinacas)! You can’t really see it, but the thyme (tomillo) is slowly growing. I’ve nearly given up hope on the strawberries (fresas), peppers (pimientos) and rosemary (romero).

Here’s a bonus picture of what we thought was a lime tree, and now we’re not so sure… we think it may be a lemon tree. Lemons down here can be orange!


We’re hoping to expand the garden a little bit more every few months–I have a whole collection of seed packets with various veggies. We just wanted to start small and see how these went first.

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