Patron Saint Day

We were surprised this week when the whole town got decked out in baby blue, white, and yellow streamers! At first, we thought it was just part of World Cup madness. Then, when we were heading home after a day of work, we ran into a parade!


Each town in Argentina has a patron saint, and they celebrate that particular saint’s day with music, multiple Catholic masses, and other entertainment. The patron saint of Ituzaingo is San Juan Bautista (John the Baptist). We quickly hopped out of our car to see what was going on, and encountered a huge procession winding down the streets. The statue of John the Baptist led the charge, followed by hundreds of townspeople, and finished with the gauchos on horseback! We particularly liked the little kids (gauchitos) on their own horses, all decked out in traditional garb.

DSC_7002 DSC_6997 DSC_7007 DSC_7001

We only really watched the parade go by for a bit, since we had to get back to let in the housecleaners. However–we lucked out, since it started POURING about a half hour later. We’ll have to make sure that we mark this down on our calendar for next year so we can see more of the fun!

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