Since T and I have been working almost non-stop for weeks, it felt good to take an (unintentional) three day weekend. T got sick, and we both were exhausted, so we called it in on Saturday and had off Sunday/Monday for Father’s Day.  We slept (a lot!), caught up on our TiVo, and ate lots of good (pretty healthy!) foods.

A few weeks ago at our last Libertad run I had picked up a bag of chipas mix. Chipas are round little cheesy biscuits that are sold everywhere. There’s a chipas guy outside of every grocery store, a couple of kids selling chipas on the beach, and occasionally one rings our doorbell to see if we’re hungry.  I was excited to see if I could make them on my own.

I’ll admit–the mix made it easy. All I did was add eggs and water to the mix and make the little balls of dough.


(Please excuse the random lightbulb. It was a reminder to change one in the other room, since that’s right next to the door.)

Then, we baked them for about 20 minutes in our gas oven. I’m still getting used to it, since it doesn’t have a temperature gauge. I just turn the knob and hope the temperature is good enough!


While they were baking, I decided to give a sneak peak of our kitchen–one of the few rooms in the house I think are pretty much “done.” A lot of the rest of the house is still a mishmash of half-unpacked boxes.


One thing I desperately miss from the States? A dishwasher!

The final result? Beautiful, golden chipas.


Want to make your own from scratch? You can try any of the recipes here, here, or here.

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