Weekly Reading, Vol. 4

It’s World Cup time! What does that mean for me? Finding a bar to watch the Argentina games at that won’t erupt in a riot (although I think Ituzaingo is pretty safe overall, regardless of the results), or if one of the games falls during the work day, probably figuring out how to live stream the game into the office (see here for all sorts of good resources on that). Other than that, the goal is to do a very Argentinian manicure for the occasion, and most likely picking up a soccer jersey.

While I contemplate the best way to watch World Cup, here’s what I found on the internet this week:

1) Snarky t-shirts

considerthisdiemcarped_1024x1024 imsorryforwhatisaid_1024x1024

2) How the Brazilian Protests about the World Cup could change democracy.

3) I think more than a normal person probably should about intuitive wayfinding in public places (and bemoan the lack of it in many situations), so this article spoke to me about how this stuff works and how we use it subconsciously every day.

4) And, finally, if you have no idea about this whole soccer/football thing, here‘s your primer. Warning: a bit snarky.

Well, we’re off to try to get a phone line in the next week (I know, second verse, same as the first) and hopefully get some rest! We had visitors from the States and Brazil the past two weeks, and several of them came with colds. I think they were so kind as to share them with both T and I.

Pro Traveler Tip: bring your “oh, jeez, I can’t get out of bed and don’t feel like dealing with a pharmacy” medicines with you from the States. In our case, DayQuil/NyQuil, Pepto, and migraine meds. You can thank me later.


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