Weekly Reading, Vol. 3

How is it already June? This marks our sixth month here in Argentina–unbelievable.  Apologies for the lack of pictoral updates–we’ve been working non-stop for the past week or two. We’ve felt lucky if we get our six hours of sleep a night.

1) #YesAllWomen In the Wake of Elliot Rodger: Why It’s So Hard for Men to Recognize Misogyny.  This is one of the best articles I’ve read about the events in the past few weeks.

2) These hilarious photos of the indignities of wet dogs made my day.

3) The Peril of Hipster Economics  A really eye-opening piece on the dangers of only “whitewashing” neighborhoods, making them pretty without addressing the real problems. Come for the descriptions of a project in Philly, stay for the stinger at the end about Lyft and Uber that I can attest to living in a less-than-desirable suburb of DC.

4) Inside the Qatar 2022 World Cup Slave Camps  Rio’s been pretty heavily blasted for their World Cup prep–but Qatar seems to be blowing it out of the water in terms of horrible conditions.

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