After another experience in immigrations in Buenos Aires, T and I are finally completely legal!  No major hiccups this time, although the background check officers got mad at T and held up a handwritten sign that said that you couldn’t wear shorts in the office. (A rule that is posted no where else, and no one else had ever heard of before… but such is Argentina. Random rules, random enforcement.) In about two months, we should get our permanent cards and be official temporary residents of Argentina!

We didn’t do much sight-seeing this time around. We stayed in a different Sheraton with a view of the port, which was a change. It was even closer to the immigrations office, so it was only a short walk in the morning.


We’ve learned to embrace a strong love of the Club Level of the Sheraton. The breakfast rooms in Buenos Aires always seem to have the best views!  We enjoyed watching the cards pile up on the roads during rush hour.


We did take a taxi and go to Jumbo, which is a hipermercado.  Kind of a ritzy version of Walmart. We were in search of some more potent spices than we have been able to find in Ituzaingo or Posadas. We weren’t able to find everything, but we found basil, cumin, thyme, rosemary, and a few others. It was kind of nice to just look around and see all of the different products that ARE available in Argentina–just only in Buenos Aires. We also found a store called Easy that is pretty much the Argentinian equivalent of Home Depot. I think T was in heaven.

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